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Activities, Sports, Kids Club, Yoga, Concerts etc. for an unforgettable naturist holiday

Entertainment 2024




Village Mindset

Here you are at the heart of the 2024 entertainment project.
This year, the village’s activities will be managed by Ma Jenny (an association under the 1901 Act).


Its mission is to run the village’s sporting and cultural activities, mini club, evening events, shows and concerts, with human values, naturism and well-being at the heart of the project.

Logo Ma Jenny

What we value


Above all, we want you to feel at home in the heart of the village.
To achieve this, we’re going to put the emphasis on sharing and conviviality, and we’re creating spaces for this, a games room, a dance floor, a small open stage, string lights…


In short, places where you can meet up, relax and be tempted by new activities…
As far as activities are concerned, we want to rely primarily on our flagship activities: archery, gym, aquagym, yoga, mini-club, arts and crafts, etc…


But we also want to encourage people to think about and develop what makes up the DNA and well-being of La Jenny. We want to pass on to new arrivals the ‘good vibes of the village’, the benefits of naturism, yoga, Feldenkrais, meditation… and the ocean!
Telling the story of La Jenny to youngsters, understanding yoga, explaining the fragility of nature, the care we need to take with the ocean, its beauty, but also its dangers…
What we really want to do is cross-fertilise your experiences and come up with activities that can be shared between generations.


Getting families to dive for the pool record, inventing our own Olympic Games, and revisiting the popular dances to see you all dancing under the garlands of lights…

Not forgetting the shows, those put on by your children, and the concerts to accompany your evenings and revisit the little popular balls to see you all dancing under the garlands of bulbs…

The Essentials


They are the pillars of La Jenny



Patricia and Sat



mornings Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday



Low season;

mornings (except Wednesday)


July and August;
mornings Monday to Friday and afternoons: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday

Yoga Naturiste à La Jenny

Gym, Cardio, Fitness, Zumba… and Aquagym!


With the cheerful energy of Johanna, Caroline, Diane, …


At Easter, Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday mornings


In low season, Monday, Wednesday, Saturday mornings


In July and August, every day except Saturday



Just after the city stadium, on the way to the beach. A village within a village!


With its enthusiasts, its heroes, its challenges, its smiles and its desire to share!

At Easter, during the low season and in July and August, you can check the opening times directly at the pétanque area.



With Eric

A man who, with a smile, can play 10 games blindfolded and tell you all about chess like an episode of Game of Throne!

In summer, mornings from Monday to Friday and some exceptional tournament evenings.

Arts and crafts


With Zoé and Laurent


At Easter and during the low season, Zoé’s nude workshops are held once a week.


In July and August, afternoons from Monday to Friday. Laurent is looking forward to starting his workshops and awaits you with all your creativity.

Pas de tir La Jenny



With Sat


At Easter, every morning except Wednesday


In low season, Tuesday and Thursday mornings, Saturday and Sunday afternoons


In July and August, mornings and afternoons with the mini-club.

The highlight is always the Friday show.


This year, Fabby wants a colourful, festive, interactive show, where the children surprise us, where the talents of La Jenny can express themselves, and where all of us, parents, children, big brothers, big sisters, grandfathers, grandmothers, can come together to sing and dance…

Artisanat La Jenny

Mini-club / Teenagers’ Club


Open every morning from Monday to Friday during the Easter holidays.


Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays in low season.


Every morning and afternoon (except Saturdays) in July and August


You’ll find Zoé and all your activity leaders.


This year, more than ever, we want to learn together to love nature, to learn to live in harmony with nature, and to protect the most vulnerable.

It’s all about raising awareness in a fun way. This is based on a series of early-learning activities, treasure hunts and stories, with the forest, the dunes and the sea at the centre of attention.


At La Jenny, we know that children are at the heart of the village and in the best position to ‘learn’ and pass on the values of naturism to adults.

At La Jenny, be Zen!
Take a deep breath…


Once again this summer, Patricia will be wonderfully faithful under the pine trees in the yoga area, monitoring your daily progress in yoga.


Sat has just returned from South India, full of energy. He’s keen to help you discover the infinite range of his new spiritual practices.


As well as her Pilates sessions, Tatiana wants us to “walk in full awareness”, to reveal our sensitive selves, in the heart of nature, under the pine trees, facing the ocean, to discover the very source of sophrology through deep movement.


In addition to her early-morning walks, she has added a new workshop: La danse du dragon.


In the same spirit, to release tension, relax your muscles and back, make your body available and your mind playful, Myriam invites you to her Feldenkrais sessions.

Do you like sport?


Are you already familiar with our facilities? The swimming pool, the city stadium, beach volleyball, tennis… have fun!


But what we’d really like to do is come up with something new. Inventing our own Olympic Games, for example, with family pool records, jogging sessions for those who like to run slowly, mixed tennis tournaments and, surprise, a table tennis final played just like on the Roland Garros court!


Our ‘Minister for Sport’ this year is called Mehdi, and he’s got lots of ideas, and even more energy.

Summer evenings


MONDAY – open-air cinema, sports tournaments at the City stadium

TUESDAY – La Jenny dance party

WEDNESDAY – Karaoke revisited, music quiz

THURSDAY – Big concerts in the bar

FRIDAY – The children’s show and the talents of La Jenny

SATURDAY – Chill concert evening

SUNDAY – The Sunday Ball

Get into the dance


The easiest way to do this is to let yourself be carried away by the music.


It’s easy: the dance floor is right in the heart of the village.


And we love a good dance. So whenever you feel like it, as the sun goes down, there’s a good chance you’ll be dancing without even paying attention…


And because summer dancing is all about the heart, Fabby is organising a special workshop every Wednesday at 6pm. For all levels. A real choreography for everyone awaits you.

And what if you also contributed to the life of the village?


If you want to share your experience, skills and talents…


If you’d like to set up your own workshop: in languages, singing, theatre or circus… And anything else we don’t know yet.


Come and meet us at the “guitoune” to talk about it. We’ll do everything we can to help you get started.


With you, we want to promote naturism, human values, well-being and nature, put children at the heart of the project, reveal talents, and make it easier to bring all your ideas and desires to life. We’ll be there every day to listen to you.


Precise schedules and timetables are posted at the “Guitoune Info” (opposite the mini-market). They may change according to the weather.


Swimming lessons, Golf, Diving, Surfing and Pony Club are of course available but are not part of the Carte Club activities.


Please contact them directly for more information.

To pay the Club Card


click here

A question about the Club Card?



To contact the Animation team:



Thank you for your kind attention.


And we look forward to seeing you “in person”.

Have a good holiday.  Have a great summer.

Zoé, Hugo, Sat, Delphine, and all the Ma Jenny team…

Did you notice? The “Info shack” is now in the centre of the village, opposite the supermarket 😉



“You know the tune” evening

With Christophe and his crazy PIANO

THURSDAY 9 MAY Ascension


Le p’tit bal

de Ross



Emma Duo 2 voices, 2 women,

the greatest standards, with a touch of elegance

and a whole lot of fantasy!



Fête de la musique

Avec Ross aux manettes, et à la baguette !



You Know the Song” evening

With Christophe and his even crazier PIANO…




Duo d’amour et Chansons chics



Dance with Just Married

One hell of a couple! Rock, jazz and… naked!



Louise Weber’s smooth, carnal voice

to set the sun, and launch the stars!



Do you know Christophe?

He plays the piano standing up – you’ll know the song!



Töm-Töm again,

but …

even more in love!



Swing, jazz,

deliciously vintage with “Les Mademoiselles”.



Sing again

with Christophe,

if you’ve still got a voice left!



Cherry Moon Pop, great jazz,

soul… the greatest standards

revisited by a hot duo.



The 15 August Festival as you’ve never seen it before!

With Les Scouts, wild and witty,

sublimely crazy! Warm up your voice!



La voix toujours sublime


Louise Weber



When summer comes to an end…

We need

the ROSS party!!!

vacances naturiste avec enfants
Soirées concerts La Jenny

Club card

As every year, as part of your stay at La Jenny, you can enjoy a wide range of musical, sporting and cultural activities, dance evenings and children’s and teenagers’ clubs….


From now on, the Ma Jenny association (under the 1901 law) will be in charge of all the activities and issuing club cards to anyone over the age of three.


IMPORTANT: the club card must be paid separately to the activity provider.


You will find below the link to the form to fill in concerning your stay.




This will enable you to calculate the cost of your club card and to pay by credit card to the Ma Jenny association.


The Ma Jenny association remains at your disposal for any further information you may require.


Contact the entertainment team: espritvillage@majenny.fr


A question about the club card: carteclub@majenny.fr


Click here to consult the activity schedule

CLUB CARD – Prices according the period:

  from  30/03 to  29/06/2024 : 2€/day per pers. from 3 years

from 29/06 to 31/08/2024 : 5€/day per pers. from 3 years 

from  31/08 to 28/09/2024 : 2€/day per pers. from 3 years

Not included in the Club Card

The Village of La Jenny offers you the opportunity to enjoy a sporting holiday.

At the Jenny you have the opportunity to improve your skills in different sports: Golf, tennis, swimming, surfing, horse riding, diving …

These courses are done with participation. Detailed rates can be found under the respective headings.

All our teachers have their state certificate and offer lessons and individual or collective courses.

Le golf

Created in 1993 and enlarged since 2009, the golf course of La Jenny is probably the only place in Europe where the sport is practised in a naturist setting.

You can play with 6 real holes (4 par 3, 2 par 4) including a water hazard, a large putting green and a genuine driving range of 20 stands including 10 that are sheltered. Learn playing golf with a PRO and take private lessons or a course in a group.

Learn playing golf with a PRO

and take private lessons or a course in a group.

Ask directly at the golf clubhouse pp.perino@orange.fr

The clubhouse is the perfect place to spend some quality time after the round. Enjoy this unique setting.

At La Jenny golf is open to everyone. We are looking forward to join on the green.